It’s okay to be single
by Maria Angeline Cruz
February 14, 2017

I am 23 years old and I never had a boyfriend. I don’t think something is wrong with me. I just believe that it is not yet the time. I don’t get intimidated by couples I encounter every day because I am used to being single.


Yes, I get “kilig” by romantic comedy films and when friends have their own relationship with someone. It is my simple joy, seeing friends with someone they truly love.


I sometimes think, how would it feel when someone sends you texts in the morning, gives you gifts and surprises even though there is no special occasion. Someone who’ll make you feel special. I sometimes ask myself: how does it feel to be loved? But then again, I just thought of it.


Many of my friends would ask me why I don’t have a boyfriend and I would always answer that I am busy with some other things and I don’t have time and besides, I am blessed with what and who I am right now. I am in no rush.



I remember, someone once told me that it would be difficult to find a man who’s willing to wait but, I just believe that if the man truly loves you, no matter how “old school” type of relationship you want, he will always be willing to wait.


There is nothing wrong with being single. It is the time that you’ll enjoy the company of yourself.  Know yourself much better. Enjoy the leisure of your hard work. Go to different places you want and travel and most of all, enjoy the love of the first person who loved us all — God!


There is nothing wrong with being single. Don’t find the person of your dreams, wait for God’s time until He gives you the one. Pray for that person who’ll make you fall in love with the Lord even more — the one who’ll show God’s love for you.


There is nothing wrong with being single.

With God, we are always loved. We are always special. 

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