From Mess to Message: A story of waiting
by Ashel Uson
February 21, 2017

A lot of us have lost it when it comes to waiting, most especially when the idea of waiting is for true love. People nowadays appreciate the value of life and love more when time isn’t involved, when they don’t have to deal with pauses and delays. We often like it quick and easy.

True love. Who wouldn’t demand something so beautiful right away?

My story of waiting for true love isn’t a smooth one. I had my fair share of this whole true-love-waits. I was misled, shut down, and taken for granted; and for quite some time, I was exhausted and annoyed at my fate.

Therefore, I began to express myself in the most effective avenue I know which is prayer. Instead of hanging around and figuring out something that’s not even for me to decide, I soak my feelings and yearnings to God and Mary.

Slowly, I began to grasp that waiting is not fooling around with relationships. It is not testing the waters on all your guy friends. It is not giving into everything then picking which one is better. It isn’t selecting a man. It is choosing God and deciding to act on His will through prayers.

I started to let go of my human-thinking and give way to the thoughts of God. Suddenly, my desires don’t matter anymore. It occur to me that waiting is a slow surrender to His will; a painful yet joyful anticipation of His tangible love. I learned to wait for no one but God and realized waiting isn’t as bad as it sounds because it is in waiting that we let God finish shifting things in our favor.

After that gift arrives, there is still tons of waiting to do for God doesn’t run out of favors. But this time, there’s an extra joy because you’re not waiting alone anymore.

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