5 life lessons I learned from my Mom
by Andrelene Veloso
May 13, 2017

My family has been my source of determination and strength. Despite the fact that I grew up in a broken home, that helped me get through life’s circumstances. The pain and struggle I experienced between my late dad and my mom who is present right now made me a whole different person. My mother was the one who led me to light. She taught me to be faithful and strong amidst the storm and drought we have gone through.


My mom worked hard for us since I was four. She went abroad to work to provide for our family’s needs because she wants to help my dad in giving us a happy and comfortable life. She went back to Philippines three years after because she was mistreated there. She experienced a stroke and now recovering from being half-paralyzed and I’ve never seen her give up because of her situation. My mom is the strongest woman I’ve ever known because even though she went through a lot of pain, she remains faithful and strong. She is one of the most powerful people who influenced my faith and trust in God. There are many life lessons that my mother taught me but these five are especially important to me.


1. Always put God in everything you do.


My mom was never vocal in her faith to God but she makes sure to us that we see it through her actions. Whenever I am in pain, though I never tell her so, she would always hug me and say, “Let’s just pray, dear”. I know she never gave up on her faith to God despite everything we’ve been through because she continues to live joyfully. Her joy brings life in our home and her faith to God made me deepen my own and relationship with God.


2. Be the strongest person you could ever be.


My mom is my pillar and my ultimate comforter in times that I feel emotionally wrecked. She would always defend me and my brother and will do everything just to protect us. She taught me to always guard myself, especially from the trouble that may come along the way. She taught me to fight the life’s hardest battles.



3. Never give up despite everything.


I have always seen my mom fight, every day. When my dad died two years ago, I felt that she was the one who is extremely devastated. Despite the long years of being separated, I know my mom still cared. The death of my father challenged her especially in providing our needs. You see her radiate hard work and perseverance because it’s always been her strength. She never settled for less. She never put “give up” in her choices because she always chooses to fight and win. Her victories became ours.


4. Forgive and love at all cost—even if it is the hardest thing to do.


The brokenness and pain brought by our family opened portals to anger, grudge and hatred. My mom would normally say she’s mad and angry, but eventually, she chooses to forgive. Her heart is so strong that it rekindles kindness in everything that she does. Despite the conflict between her and other family members, she would always strive to reconnect through helping them in times of problem. Her way of forgiveness is uniquely done and is the most beautiful. Her heart is never closed to those who try to reach her. Her heart has always been open to forgive and love again.


5. Remain humble and patient.


Driven by her experiences, my mom always reminds me to be humble and patient in all that I do. She always taught me to lay low and never take things for granted and to always take care of myself and my heart through being humble and patient.


These simple things I learned from mom served as guide and inspiration as I strive to become a better version of myself. She may not be capable of providing our needs and wants right now because of her situation, but her love for us will always be enough to go on.


My mom taught me a lot of things and I know I will still learn a lot as we continue living. I am grateful for all that she has done. She is the best gift God has ever given me.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!



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