What your heart is designed for
by Nestor Emmanuel Robles
July 5, 2017

As a medical student, I can’t help but be fascinated by the wonders of the human body.  And I believe that nothing compares to the popularity of the heart.


We’ve all heard it before: the heart is the symbol of love, of sacrifice, of giving.  But did you know the heart is scientifically designed to do just that – love, sacrifice, and give?


First, the heart is self-sustaining.  All living cells in the body need blood supply for oxygen to sustain their processes.   But now we wonder, if the heart supplies blood to all the cells in the body, who supplies blood to itself?  If your guess is the liver, you’re wrong.  If you say it’s the brain, you’re still wrong!  Who does the supplying then?  Who else?  It’s still the heart.  Yes, it supplies blood to itself too!  Talk about being independent and self-sustaining. The reason a lot of people get hurt is because they want someone to complete them, someone to fill the gap in their hearts, someone to save them from their dark past.  But that is not how the heart is designed!  It should be independent first.


Even before the knight in shining armor or the damsel comes along, you should be happily living your life!  Many people nowadays think their prince charming or their princess will make them truly happy.  You should be happy first, because like the heart, you are self-sustaining.


Second, the heart is generous.  Science tells us that the heart brings blood to all the tissues by giving everything.  It gives its 100% pumping power in order to circulate almost 5 liters of blood and leaves a measly 300 milliliters for itself.  It’s like winning a million pesos in a lottery but after receiving the money, you give away P840,000.  As St. Pope John Paul II said, “Love can’t wait to give but lust can’t wait to get”.


Often, some people claim they fell out of love.  It’s because maybe, there was really no love to start with.  I believe “people should grow in love”.  It bloomed because it is rooted in friendship, trust, faithfulness, prayer, and yes, self-sacrifice.  No questions asked.  Love is generous.


Lastly, the heart does not take any credit for everything.  Despite its independence, it acknowledges that it needs the help of the blood vessels.  “Love is not boastful”.  Even if it does almost all the work, it acknowledges that it still needs the help of other body parts.  If the blood vessels are absent, how would the hard-pumped blood go to the different parts of the body? It’s the same as being in love.


When a couple has a “you-and-me-against-the-world” mindset, they begin to fall apart.  This is why men should not only court the damsel; he should make it a point to win the approval and trust of the people whom his beloved loves- family (most importantly), friends, colleagues, relatives, and even the pets!  They are part of the love story.


Love is not just the story of two people loving each other.  It is a collection of shared happiness, shared wisdom, and shared prayers and of the people closest to the hearts of the couple. For us to become truly happy, we should always go back to how things are meant to be.


The heart is designed to give, to sacrifice, and to love.  It is in giving, sacrificing, and loving that we sustain our own lives.


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