First of all, you matter
by Denise Caymo
November 6, 2017

I once scanned a book and read these lines that struck me: Deep within every human heart lies a hunger for significance. We want our lives to count, to make a difference, to be worth something. We carry within ourselves a deep feeling of not being good enough. Everywhere we look, we see people who are more successful, more gifted, more of this and that. Our lives have become dominated not by our abilities to make a change but by our inabilities to see God’s plans for us.


Life has once become miserable for me: meaningless, full of agony and hatred. I once asked God the question “Why? Why me of all people?”



I failed to realize that in my struggles, I was never alone. God constantly reminded me that He did not promise a life that is easy here on earth, but He promised that He will get me through this. No matter how broken I thought I was because of all the rejections, because the world is telling me that I was nothing but a dust, and even if there are times that are difficult to belong, He remains faithful, always faithful, and forever faithful.


Despite all of the challenges you face, take courage, dear soul. You are significant, not because of anything that you can do on your own but because God loves you and it stays the same despite all your shortcomings.


In case you forgot: You matter to Him.


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