Loving in the face of disappointments
by Julius Gabriel Alba
November 10, 2017

I thought life would be the same in college like what I experienced in high school. I thought it would be easy. Confident in my belief that I could overcome challenges easily, I never expected to feel stress and pressure in the first semester from all of the things and works given to us that requires an immediate deadline. Because of that, I hurt myself with my own expectations.


Oftentimes, I just say to myself “I can do this. I am confident and I trust God! That’s all I need. I can do this with my faith and I don’t need to worry.”


Guess what happened.


I was bombarded with things that were left unfinished. I wasn’t able to do them as I was busy with other unnecessary activities which distracted me a lot of times. As time went by, doing these same things, again and again, I felt everyone left me. I felt like school and the teachings had abandoned me and I was overwhelmed with sadness and disappointment of myself.


Until I came to realize the reason why it all happened. It was all because of my choices. It was me who made those unwise decisions. I had God but I left all things to Him and didn’t do my part. That’s why I failed.



Realizing my mistake allowed me to change my lifestyle and I learned to understand the meaning of love. A love that allows us to be good in everything we do and put Christ in the center of everything, which currently for me is my studies.


Amidst the challenges given to us, God calls us to love. When we give love to the things we do, we also learn to value and treasure them as God treasures us because of his love for us.


Perfect love drives out fear and this is what I am living for.


As I struggle with the things that I am dealing with, this love allows me to face these things faithfully and unconditionally. We are called to love even though we are disappointed. We need not to focus on the pain and discouragements, as God calls us to go deeper and follow his basic command – to love.


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