An open letter to those who feel lost
by JV Monzon
November 16, 2017

Dear you,


I may not know what you are going through. I may not feel the same pain you are enduring. I know there are lots of uncertainties in your life and you are afraid of it – afraid of failures, afraid of being broken again.


You may feel lost on your journey.


You may not understand where you are right now.


You may be thinking of giving up already.


But if there’s one thing I would ask you, it is to never give up.


Even if it seems hopeless, don’t lose hope.


Even if your faith became as small as the mustard, still believe.


You may be at the crossroad right now, choosing which path is better. Both roads may be uncertain but you must not be afraid.



I will not say that being lost is okay because I know it is difficult. But sometimes, we need to be lost to be found again. No matter how dark is your surroundings; there is a small light that will still shine at the end of the road. Believe me, I’ve been there.


There are aspects in our life that when we will consider ourselves  a failure and a mere loser but please be reminded that there is no battle that God cannot win for us, only if we will believe.


Wherever you will go, God will meet you there.

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