2017, here is our thank you and goodbye!
by Maria Angeline Cruz
December 29, 2017

We are about to welcome the New Year in just a few hours. 2017 has been a year full of exciting journey and surprising stories to share but before we close the book of 2017, let’s have some year-end reflections on what should be the posture of our hearts for 2018.


When things are not going the way you wanted them to be:

“Despite the hurts, the pain and the disappointments, underneath lie the greater challenge God wants us to overcome – accepting what He has planned for us.” (Life will not be an easy road, but you should not give up)

“As I seek the answers, the promises and the plans, I am reminded to remain confident in God’s plan for me and to truly open my ears and heart to hear from Him.” (The beauty of uncertainties)

“.. when you pray, discern, be obedient and follow His leading, everything will eventually fall into place. His love will never fail.” (When it is hard for me to understand, I learned these things)



When you get tired of waiting:

“Waiting is not fooling around with relationships – It is choosing God and deciding to act on His will through prayers.” (From mess to message)

“.. the meaning of being in a relationship or having a “God’s gift” – that it doesn’t come in just a blink of an eye. It is prayed for.” (The right kind of love is always worth waiting for)



When you feel unworthy:

“Trust in the Lord that He will be able to rebuild the broken pieces of your heart into a heart full of love and full of life. You’ll be okay.” (Your pain has a purpose)

“Being second doesn’t mean that you are a loser – it means that there’s more opportunity for you to make yourself to be a better version.” (What it means to be a second choice)

“It is humbling to know that God loves me so much to welcome my imperfections.” (Someone loves you despite your imperfections)


When you are about to lose hope:

“God is at work for better things for you.” (God is at work in you)

When your fears have overcome your faith:

“The Lord’s message was very simple, “I don’t want you to be afraid anymore.” (In those unguarded moments)

When you feel lost:

“Sometimes, we need to be lost to be found again. Be reminded that there is no battle that God cannot win for us, only if we will believe.” (An open letter to those who feel lost)

“I was so lost, but He found me. He had been there with me all along even though I’ve decided to go the wrong way. He never left me.” (Finding my way back)




As we open another chapter for the year that is about to start, let us always remember to let the Lord plan for you. Pray for the desires of your heart and may your plans and His be alike. If not, remember that the Lord had prepared a perfect story especially written just for you.


You may not end up where you thought you are going but you will always end up where you’re meant to be.


2017, here is our thank you and goodbye!



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