There is a language spoken by all
by Krizha Plaza
February 1, 2018

There is a language spoken by all.


You see it when a nurse dresses the wounds of an injured man, even though she’s been working for 24 hours straight.


You hear it when a student comforts his friend because he didn’t do well on his test, even though he was almost crippled by his own failure.


You taste it when a mother cooks breakfast for her little son before he goes to school, despite being tired from her long shift the night before.


What is that language?


It is love.


For some, it is the chocolate and flowers received on Valentine’s Day. For others, it is the affection given by the one they hold dear. But for me, love has but one main definition: God.


We don’t define love the same way a dictionary defines a word. For many of us, love has been a word of many definitions, of many feelings. For me, I knew and understood what love is in a special way.


And knowing it was completely unexpected.


I saw love through the eyes of the people I just met, but took care of me after all like I was their own blood sister.


I heard love upon listening to songs and stories of people’s experiences.


I came to also share that love when I found an opportunity to help someone who is in need.


I even tasted that love through the meals prepared for me by my second parents in my community.


And I felt that love through the service given of the ones who came before me.



In all of these instances, I saw love and through that love, I experienced Christ.


In loving, we find God. And in finding God, we understand how to love others as deeply as God loves us.


Indeed, there is a language spoken by all.


The language of love is a treasure, a gift, given by God that is truly an inspiration. And, in the end, it is the only language we’ll ever need to communicate with every single one of His creations.


Today, I choose God. Today, I choose to love. And, God willing, I will do the same again every day for as long as the Lord will let me.


“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” (1 John 4:8)

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